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Standard Order: This is a two month advertisement. 8,000 postcards are printed and distributed in our racks. We replenish the racks as people take the cards. The price is $695.00

*Sometimes clients prefer to pay by check. Please call us to arrange this method of payment. Thanks again for your business.

Non-Standard Orders: We can print a different number of postcards for you. As with our Standard Order, we can place these cards in the racks or you may take them and use them for mail-outs or other forms of distribution.


When Payment has been made, you will return to this page. We will contact you to arrange to receive your artwork.

Remember, it takes roughly two weeks to print. Your postcards will be in the racks a few days after they are printed or when you tell us you want them in the racks, or any other arrangement we have agreed to.


If your artwork is ready to go, you may email it to us by clicking here

You may contact us by calling 801-583-2058. You may leave a message. We will call you back. Or you may email us by clicking here.